For hikers and cyclists, both on and off road, Blesle is a paradise. Because the Auvergne is very sparsely populated and not overrun by tourists, you can enjoy the overwhelming silence and the impressive landscape.
For hikers there are many marked routes and when using one of our staff cards, you can also determine your own route. You can choose from fairly easy trails to the more challenging. For the road cyclists, the possibilities are also unlimited as well for mountain bikers. Rides can be short, long, in the valley, through the hills or up to the high passes. Also for the bikers there are cards in the gte with marked routes.

In Dienne (an hour's drive) you can do paragliding, and in Allanche you can take a trip on an old railway line, the Velo Rail. It is a beautiful ride, with you on single track transitions where you will cycle on a track bike for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children.

With a fishing license from the municipality you can fish in the bountiful rivers. Have a look on the link page for more information about golf courses in the Auvergne, canoeing and rafting on the Allier and general information.

In winter, within an hour's drive you find yourself in Super-Lioran which is a small, friendly ski resort with very reasonable prices. Half an hour's drive away is a cross-country skiing area where there are many walks on snow shoes.

This part of the Auvergne in general has long, hot summers that start early, a beautiful autumn that can give warm and sunny days till December. Winters give snow in the mountains. The number of rain days is completely outnumbered by those of Great Britain. The climate in the Alagnon Valley, where the guesthouse is situated, is unique in the Cantal, hidden deep between the Cézalier, the Monts Cantal, Monts de Livraidois and de Monts the Margeride. Therefore the Valley is well protected from the Atlantic influences and the cold north wind. For this reason, you find sub-Mediterranean species of plants. Blesle's, at 500 M altitude, has a continental climate, often with impressive contrasts between day and night. It is pleasantly warm during the day in summer, 25 to 30°C, while at night it may cool to below 15°C, perfect for sleeping.